Fuel cycle of LEU-fueled denatured molten salt reactor

Ondrej Chvala, Gavin Ridley

University of Tennessee at Knoxville

Denatured molten salt reactors (DMSR) fueled by low-enriched uranium are an example of molten salt reactor technology considered closer to market due to relative simplicity. DMSR concepts with limiter fuel processing are currently pursued by several commercial vendors. We developed a method for reactivity and chemistry control of these systems by LEU and reducer additions over expected core lifetime. This method was also applied to DMSR started with actinides from DMSR spent fuel in order to achieve a novel sustained fuel cycle with limited resource needs. LWR spent fuel was also used as a starting point in this strategy, which represents a fuel cycle transition scenario from LWR to DMSR systems. The talk would present major findings concerning material flows and fuel needs in both the cases.